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Inspired by an awesome prompt over at [personal profile] synecdochic's porn meme, a comment-fic that got a little longer than expected.

Prompt (from [personal profile] cofax7): [SG-1/T:SCC] Jack O'Neill/Sarah Connor, metal. "It's the end of the world and neither O'Neill nor Connor trust easily: after all, something that looks human could very well not be."

Summary: "Soon after it happens, they're in Nevada, because Cameron heard a rumor and because John's having a hard time learning to say no." 2400 words.

(Title from The Decemberists' "Don't Carry It All.")

We Are All Our Hands and Holders )
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Sam/Daniel, 1,980 words, spoilers through S7. PG.

Summary: "It began, predictably, as an argument, an academic nothing of a spat over who got to play with the Ancient artifact first."

In the Time We Have )
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I made some SG-1 icons a few weeks ago, while busily procrastinating for my derm exam, and have just now sat down to figure out how to display them in lj. So here they are - they're fairly basic, but if you want any, feel free to take them; comment/credit if you wish.

In other news, now that classes are out I may actually have the time/creative energy to finish up a few of the fics I have kicking around. Anyway, enjoy the icons, and hopefully I'll be back soon with a fic or two!

Icons, in haphazard order )

new fic

Apr. 4th, 2006 11:10 pm
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Unbetaed, so please let me know if you spot anything.

Title: Each to the Other
Spoilers: through season 3
Warning: Contains possibly non-consensual sex, as well as het and slash, although none are terribly explicit.
Rated: R
Summary: “She has always been good at being who others need.”

Each to the Other )


Apr. 3rd, 2006 10:56 pm
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Hello, all! I am just getting back into fandom after an eight (?!) year hiatus, so... hey. I've been reading Stargate SG-1 on and off since last fall, and SGA for about a month, and figured it was time to stop lurking and join the community :) I can't promise I'll be posting or writing very consistently, as medical school takes up most of my time, but I've had an SG-1 OT4 kicking around for a few days that will probably be posted soon. Anyway, just firing up the livejournal....


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